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I loves him

If you shave them they're actually super aerodynamic.


Fair enough

Usually he just sits and stares. But I didn't feel like drawing him that way. Please see Monday's comic for explanation.

“What a cute baby, what’s his name?” – “Spot.”

That baby's pretty chill, though.

The honeymoon phase is over

Step away from the kitten ...

Draw what you know

I think that's what cats look like.

“Prison” is a funny looking word when you type it over and over

You know, the way you phrased all that makes me feel like you were making my argument for me.

Free at last

No matter where you drop your food, if it's on the floor where a pet lives, there's hair on it when you pick it up.

You have to love like me or it’s not love

I don't compromise my testicles to express myself.