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That explains it

Hobos need haircuts, too.

Summer is a confusing season in Chicago

-Oh, the woes of having heaters operated by the building owners.

No problem

-"I'm serious, you can't tell anyone." - "I'm serious, stop talking to me."

Either way, you’re gross

-Switch to human skin.


-Put the cat down, and never talk to me again.

I’m sorry I asked

-Nothing tears a musical community apart faster than creating a sub-genre and insisting everyone in your community conforms to that sound.

The Struggle

-"How about you?" - "English. And nothing, to answer your follow up."

My best ideas are on bike

-But I can never remember them when I'm done riding.


-You'll know I get the job if I no call/no show for the rest of the week.


But no, you can't have it.


Work Ethics

-You know we're not in the office, right?

Party Hard

-Because even if you're not joking that's hilarious.

Big Trouble

-"Then she said 'don't worry about it.'" -- "It's worse than I thought."

Money can’t buy doing less work

-Sort of evens itself out.

All I want to do is whatever I want

"You seem to be going quite a bit over the speed limit, too." - "Bah-- those things are more like suggestions."


I don’t get paid to talk to you out of the office

-Don't be such a cunthole, Steve.

I loves him

If you shave them they're actually super aerodynamic.


You guys are all the coolest guys


Sleep overs

-I only share my coffee if I HAVE to.

The difference is I don’t care

-Just imagine, I have to talk to assholes like you all day.

Being out of sick days sucks

-I should really get a real job.

Fair enough

-Usually he just sits and stares. But I didn't feel like drawing him that way. Please see Monday's comic for explanation.

Mouse free

-Someone should let him know he can still use the line and circle tools with the touchpad.

Back to reality

-Call back in a week when I'm numb to everything again.

Living the dream

-And sweat.

Like for like

-I like everything you do when you're in the same room with me.

The Girl with the Coffee Tattoo

-"Yes, of course. How rude of me. I'll put on a pot right away."

I’m bad with short goodbyes

-Bring it in for the real thing.

“What a cute baby, what’s his name?” – “Spot.”

That baby's pretty chill, though.


It’s my favorite number of outs

-"Hey, coach. What's my on base percentage?" - ".666." - "STOP IT."

One of those “interpretations” I keep hearing about

-I think this still counts as a comic.

Surprise attack coffee comic

-I can make any conversation into a conversation about coffee.

Seems Legit

-"Oh yea. And you're top in sales like, every week. 'Atta-boy."


-So it'll be easier for me to ignore.

Nerdy Halloween

"What are you supposed to be?" - "A sexy The Thing."


You keep saying that word …

I just want you to be prepapared for the biggest let down in the history of television.


Reason for the seasons

Florida is the monogamy of temperature.


That’ll show ‘em.

I don't know, maybe don't tell her all that next time.-

Caller ID is still a thing

I know your address, too.-

April snowers.

It's not snow anymore. It's just confused rain, now.-

Cat Something

-Here at Senile Something, cats are the new coffee. Except cats took the spotlight by force.

Why would you ever need to spell that?

-Drape is never funny.


-Basically, if you don't love The Big Lebowski, we're not really friends.

Cats are weird.

-Smother it before it wakes up.

“This book is dedicated to that awful band.”

-April Fools. Shit, I mean this really happened.

You’ve reached Google inc, what can I google for you?

I ask because literally everything you can ask me can be answered on the computer.-


The honeymoon phase is over

-Step away from the kitten ...

Whoever keeps saying this: please stop.

-The return of death by scissors.

How does it feel to be the first person in history to have a wrong opinion?

-Let's go back to that.

Smoke-free smoke breaks

-I just want to take seven paid breaks a day, too.


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