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Month: December, 2013

Pissed Opportunities

Piss is basically a 1-star rating. Shit is a formal complaint with the BBB.


What they don’t tell you about living up North

And wind is just really cold wind.

Call the Cops

More like "butt-curdling."

It’s still winter

See also: March.

Christmas Daydrunk

Present selection order is soooo important. Pick the bottle-shaped one first.

White Christmas

Don't be a dick this holiday, hope for a regular colored Christmas.

Surprise Sext

Dingus Milbury likes to go by just "Gus," but I keep him in my phone as "Dingus" because I like to remember that his parents hated him, too.

Seems like a lot of pressure

Aren't you supposed to be a bear? This isn't inspiring at all.

Duck Crynasty

If we can't say queers aren't people, then what CAN we say?

White people just don’t understand

"They make me want to rob a pet store, let the dogs wild, like I should close all the schools just to make the kids smile." - "OK, now I feel like you're making fun of me, but I can't tell how."


I made enough money on day 28, but by then the gas had covered the better part of America, so the tour was kind of unnecessary.

How the breakfast place was won

They both are equally effective, but only one can be funny.


Think Santa saw you walk under that ladder earlier?

Stating the statement

"Hey can I ask you a question?" - "Sure." - "Thanks." *click*  ...

Plight of the Bumblefuck

He can get orange juice from down the street for less than you're charging for lemonade, but he can't buy from them anymore due to their inability to give it to him in a plastic cup.

Real Feel

"Hm. Looks like rain." - Chance of rain: 100%.

Birds and the fleas

What? No, I'm allergic to bees.

How office romances start

You had me at "you'll do."

The Usual Expects

I sneaked a packet of anthrax into his package, for grammar's sake.

Shower cycles

Why don't I just put product in my hair? I have standards, people. Get on board.

Wing Dingleberry

If you don't speak wing ding, don't worry- it wouldn't make this funnier.

How SLC Punk should’ve ended

That speech did nothing for me, because fashion is more important than whatever she was babbling about. Get it fixed, ladies.