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Month: November, 2013

Fat Friday

Yeah, it's finally that time of year when even we can talk about Christmas. Merry holidays.


Maybe it’s time to stop using that name

"Can you guys just join your terrible teams together so we don't have to say that twice every round? Yea, go ahead and use your phones. You're awful."


such moist. very squirt. wow.

OCD football coach

"OK, coach. After three overtimes we're on their five yard line, a feildgoal will win it. What's the call?" - "... Go for the touchdown ... we score in sevens or we don't score at all ..."

Paid Nap

Tomorrow's comic might be better, but if not, there's a bunch of good ones out there for you to read.

Ghost-writer – a guest comic by guy 2: Word of the year

Shart was runner up. I mean like a really close runner up. Any more pressure it would've been shart. He almost sharted.

Thanks to Jon Shiver for the idea of this “guest” comic. His refusal to put it to paper and insistence that I take his ideas led us to the first ever ghost-writer comic. Enjoy, and send your ideas/guest comics to

Paint the Town Asleep

Second favorite thing? I went to bed pretty early once in October.

Too much guitars, not enough drums

"Sir, I can tell by the way your face sounds that you're going to be a terrible guitarist. Trust me, the world needs more dumb drummers."

Mike’s a Pro

Check out that certified 8th grade Trapper Keeper artwork.

Mike’s a slacker

Beards are much easier to draw in real life.

Fine Dining

And tomorrow we can have leftover corn.

Always avoid offensive alliteration

This was an actual headline to the marathon bombings the day of that I decided I would hold on to until everyone forgot that it was a huge tragedy and could appreciate how hilarious it was and how worthless the news is.

Ask and Ye Shall Receive

Firstly, you're not supposed to hate anyone. See if you can do that for a day and I'll give you more.

Everything is awful

So pensive ...

Milk Thirty

You don't think cows notice that it's an hour earlier or later every time?

Behind the Candelabra

You look great, by the way. Totally fuckable.


Inspired by a "guitar collector" that gave me some primo info on Maestros at Best Buy.

New City

Have you ever BEEN to south Florida?

Conversations With My Girlfriend

Whole conversations half-held.

Online customer service

"Hang on a moment while I google that for you."

Better Late Than Ever

Halloween should be observed on the last Saturday of October.