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Month: July, 2013

Plagiarism Week II – Ricky Gervais

Maybe this will get him to follow me. -


Plagiarism Week II – Natalie Dee


Plagiarism Week II –

Yea well ... I can do more pull ups than he can. -

Whatever I Did I’m Sorry

Please eat a piece of popcorn so I know it isn't poisoned.


You know, I'll name you Jon, and you Don, just to keep it real simple.


As a stick figure it's just easier to swap parts. As a human that would look weird as hell.

I don’t even have a joke for that

I bet you like parades, too.


I think I fucked up.

Big foot Syndrome

"No, I mean I have a huge foot. It's a condition. It's real serious." - "Yea, I get it. You like driving fast."

Educational Programming

Give me a hand with this real quick.

Only one of these is right

Yea but 1 and 11 looks so bad ass, though.

Three-hour Movies Can Suck It

Don't high school kids get bored getting/giving handies for three hours these days?

Too soon

Plus, he was black.

Coffee is Medicine. And Soup.

Caffeine crash+ Head Cold= Every fix scene from Trainspotting combined


"Then you're there, Gwad-uh-loop River." - "It's Guadalupe, actually."

Not A Compliment

You'd make a great holocaust denier.

I make this face every time

Those "Free ride in a sheriff's car" signs are the end of me.

Carcinogens Are In

Hippies can only get cancer from antiperspirant or white bread.

Invest in first class

Oh, and guess what? You have the window seat.

Time Well Spent

Reader Poll: Which do you think took longer; the fancy thought bubble or the beard?

The double flush

The surefire way to tell that you need to set fire to your house.

“A” Pride

Stick figures wear such big shirts.

Both Kinds

We have a stage out back for both kinds of music, too.