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Month: June, 2013

Salutations, Sally!

Since signing his lease, Steve saw less and less of his supervisor's sasquatch costume.


Stupid babies

I don't give special treatment to ANYONE.

At Least He’s There

Get it? The dad's frowning because he hates his wife and kids.

Public Service Announcement

Also, stop using emoticons.


Blah blah "junk" blah blah "box" blah blah "hahahaha."

I hope you’re not attached to your fingers

"I'm telling you, he won't hurt a fly. I have seen him choke out coyotes, however."

Just Stop Shaving

Growing a beard is literally the easiest thing I've ever done. Including breathing. And falling down.

Don’t change the subject

It's where I keep my gun.

Hobo problems (guest comic #3)

Thanks to Mike Willcox for this awesome submission!

Unfortunately, comics about bums can't afford mouse overs.

Email your comics to to be one of our guest comics!

If Christians were honest

"I'd also like to blame him for that speeding ticket I got last night, and the dead hooker in my trunk."


Time creeps when you're creepy.

A shitty drawing for a shitty product.

Invest in good wipers.

I Hate Fun

Hopefully you guys can hear the sigh in your hearts like I do every time someone suggests we go do something fun.

Fuck you, Pandora.

How they got that from my Creed station I'll never know.


Twerk it when you twerk that twerk you twerk, twerk.

White people tips for riding the subway

Putting your hood on and leaning your head against the window in a sleeping fashion is also a good way to get peed on.

Stealing Wifi

This comic was written and uploaded from a hotel parking lot down the street from my house. DAMN THE MAN!

Calling Mike (Guest Comic #2)

iPhones go *boop boop* Mike just says "Click" to make you think he hung up and waits to see if you'll call him an asshole. Oh and by the way that was Jabba the Hut, asshole.

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99.999875% Of All Sports Are Not Hockey

That's not a penalty, THIS is a penalty. *rams a hockey stick in one ear and out the other*

You have to love like me or it’s not love

I don't compromise my testicles to express myself.

JurASSic Critic

I struggled with which movie to use for the punchline. Here are the others: Brown Bunny, Johnny Mnemonic, Spiderman 3 and Lion King. Whichever one of those makes the joke funnier for you, pretend I used that one.

So I’ve been shirking my responsibilities with the comic this week a little bit and it finally caught up with me. That’s what happens when your internet connection relies on a borrowed computer charger and stolen internet. Here’s a special treat for being patient. It’s a comic with a stick figure smiling. Cherish that shit.