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Month: May, 2013

I’m not going to answer that.

Unless the question is "how many black friends do you have?" I'm not going to justify that question with a response.


CEO of BeardCo

Sorry, guy. Maybe Victoria's Secret is hiring.

You brought this on yourself

I also have tees in response to "Pretty Girl Swag," "Tell your boyfriend I said thanks" and "I'm not a slut I'm just hotter than you" shirts.

The Princess and the Pee

The title is funny because he's a little princess and he had to sleep on a weird bed because he pissed in his own.

We went out eight months ago, I’m not made out of money

I didn't know they had fingers, either.

Never Trust A Fart

Not even once.

Another coffee comic

Now go make me a sandwich.

Dead Tired


Speedy urine

It's called "time management."

I Took Remedial Math Once

If a train leaves Cleveland traveling at 45 mph, and another train leaves at the same time from Miami traveling 75 mph, what is 1+1?

In which will power is tested

"Don't worry, I'll just push it twice so whatever it is just resets."

Romancipation Proclamation

I wish you guys could see the second panel. He flips the table and rips his shirt off and all the non-bitchy girls cheer and throw their panties at him. Man, you guys are really missing out.

Now you have to eat the whole thing

Maybe eat dinner before making tomorrow's lunch, next time. Or stop being really fat.

“Like” A Boss

"Please stop posting pictures of your baby doing drugs on my page, I think I can get arrested for that."

Well that’s misleading

New rule: songs that may be mistakenly taken literally are no longer allowed to be played at bars. No more "Paradise City," "Pour Some Sugar on Me," "The Roof is on Fire" or "Don't Stop Believing." That last one just because it's awful.

“High One” Will Never Catch On

Makes you wonder how all the guys in our office comics get anything done. Typing in the Senile Something universe has to be awful.

Timing is everything

What? I told you I wanted a small wedding.

Red Rover Defense

My degree isn't in math, but it doesn't take a genius to know that coaches have been seriously under-manning their defensive lines.

In which diets get out of hand

And it's vegan water, too.

He’s Talking to His Mom

Is Slayer hiring?

I don’t need an email to tell me I’ve been unsubscribed from your emails.

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Don’t Drink and Doodle

Half of this conversation is true. Also, I'm hungover at band practice as you're reading this. Stay in school. But not in a dumb useless major like us.