senile something

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Month: March, 2013

In which the news is broken

"Ok, the good news is I'm buying you a new dog ..."


How to Pick Up Chicks: Step 1

Step 2: Get fat and die


And I love it.


Best. Suicide note. Ever.

Fun with animals

"I was going to get a dog but it was too much responsibility. You don't even have to pick up this one's poop."

Pie Shart

The black part is the color of my dick.


And why are you so grainy?

Phone Hostage

A more permanent fix would be to destroy everyone in your phone book so they can't call you again.

To Add Sugar To

"Can I get some maple syrup for this fruit bowl?"


Practice makes perfect!

Love for Coffee Trumps All

I don't know how he speaks so clearly with a hand in his mouth, either.

You Only Leukemia Once

How unprofessional!

Dinner at Sonny’s

They have a strict no "no butter" policy.

The New Pope Had This Commissioned

I always considered myself a Michelangelo. Raphael was too hot-headed, Donatello was too gay, and I've never been much of a leader.

Damien Marley never needs a pillow

"You can just get rid of this mattress, too. I uh-- I got it covered."


I *fart* Senile Something

Highbrow humor is our thing, and what better way to show it?

Faux hawk

The "conflicted" shirt will help.

Make it Rain Piss

Not that $17 is going to go make much of a dent in these student loans.

You can’t do shit here.

Might as well just turn around. Wait-- nope. Can't do that, either.


Windowth to the thoul.

The magical powers of water

"Rain is made pretty much entirely out of water."