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Month: December, 2012


– Awkward- adj: lacking skill or dexterity; lacking grace or ease in movement; lacking social graces or manners; lacking any clue at all.


Much better

Too bad nobody asked me when they were inventing rainbows.

“Like” button

It's the new "lol."

History might not back me up

I get the correlation between wheel size and distance-traveled-per-revolution, but seriously. This is out of control.


"The other day, I almost missed dinner, and I literally died."  -- "Aaaaaaaaaaaand you lost me."

Picked last again

If a tree can develop an inferiority complex you just witnessed it.

End of an era

It's hard to take the end of the world seriously when the people who take it seriously are always wrong.

Neck tattoo

This comic was drawn before we had mouse-overs, so one wasn't written. Instead, you get a glimpse into how shitty and old our comics used to be.

Heroes of Connecticut

OK you got me. That's two things. But that doesn't make it any more or less insensitive. Focus on the issues.

Caution: Nudity

Drawing naked stick figures makes me feel funny.

Adaptations for Hipsters

This works with all adaptations except Stephen King novels. Those movies are terrible with or without having read the books.

Senile Something Presents: Learn Stuff!

The first rule of croquet is you have to have a beer in one hand. The second rule of croquet is YOU HAVE TO HAVE A BEER IN ONE HAND.

Focus Juice

Patent pending.

Ixnay on the umphay ayday

Good thing we have people like him working for us.

Don’t ignore your sinces.

You learn to pick your battles. You can only have your good intentions ignored so many times.

Throne of Wisdom

I've decided it has something to do with having my pants off. If I'm ever arrested for public indecency just blame it on this game.

before you dig it check this out

1: Embarrassing misuse of outdated slang; 2: balding, grey hair in a straggly, thin ponytail; 3: colorful accessories "from the 60s" (hot topic and/or Claires).

Honest query

I bet mustaches get lonely. You should do the right thing and shave it off. If it had arms and a razor it would do it itself.

What being a cop is like

"God, is there a cop around or something?!"

That’s the spirit

Yeah, I lean back in my chair. Wanna fight about it?

I’m real good at following stuff.

The same people who make you listen to "Baby got back" as the ring back tune when you call them.