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Where Is Your God Now?

Lots of people listen to your voicemail greeting. Try to live your life accordingly.-

Caller ID is still a thing

I know your address, too.-

Give ‘Em Smell!

Smells like a bakery and a sewage treatment plant made a baby and then aborted it with a soldering iron.-

One Nation, Under Friday

Some people are just too comfortable praising the weekend in the workplace.-

Cats are weird.

-Smother it before it wakes up.

You’ve reached Google inc, what can I google for you?

I ask because literally everything you can ask me can be answered on the computer.-


Breaking News

The guy all the way on the right is Tim. He hears it all the time.-


The number of my poops today can be represented by the equation "n-x," where "n" is how many poops is enough, and "x" is greater than or equal to 1.-

Smoke-free smoke breaks

-I just want to take seven paid breaks a day, too.

I’ll fight you

-Oh, it wasn't a joke? Wrong. You're the joke.


Turns out I was brewing pure heroin. I don't know how the grocery store got that mixed up, but I am glad I bought it at a chain big enough to pay for my rehab.-


It's a process. Not a good one, though.-


I'm on 18, and I'm feeling pretty great. Let me know when the bathroom's available, though.-

We can’t be funny all the time


Curling >

I'm getting a second job to pay for a cable upgrade. I just have to be off by 4am.-


This comic is late because of those links. Back to the grind!-

Say What You Mean

"Hi Sean, I'm a big asshole and I want a huge discount."-

I don’t care

I'm sooooooooo sorry your case got to you before your guitar. Do you want to hug it out? Need some tea? Chamomille? Need some ice for your vagina?


Important Questions

How much guitar would a guitar guitar if a guitar could guitar?-

And Ye Shall Find

"Do you know how to spell it? No? It's a Behringer."-

It’s the thought that counts

If I can get just one employee fired for cussing at a kid due to being completely overwhelmed then I've done my part.


Senior Discount

What, because you have less time to use the product you think we should make less money on it? Nice try.-

Grown-Ass Babies

When Mike thinks you need to grow up, you're in trouble.-

Snow Day

True story, but I drank it all the night before. And drew this comic then, too.-

It’s a Trampoline Store

They sell trampolines.-

Happy can’t talk I’m late for work day

-Before you call me boring, just know I spent eight months of 2013 totally not doing that shit at all.

White Christmas

Don't be a dick this holiday, hope for a regular colored Christmas.


How the breakfast place was won

They both are equally effective, but only one can be funny.


Stating the statement

-"Hey can I ask you a question?" - "Sure." - "Thanks." *click*  ...

Real Feel

-"Hm. Looks like rain." - Chance of rain: 100%.

How office romances start

-You had me at "you'll do."

The Usual Expects

I sneaked a packet of anthrax into his package, for grammar's sake.-

Fat Friday

Yeah, it's finally that time of year when even we can talk about Christmas. Merry holidays.-

Paid Nap

Tomorrow's comic might be better, but if not, there's a bunch of good ones out there for you to read.-

Too much guitars, not enough drums

"Sir, I can tell by the way your face sounds that you're going to be a terrible guitarist. Trust me, the world needs more dumb drummers."


Mike’s a Pro

Check out that certified 8th grade Trapper Keeper artwork.-

Mike’s a slacker

-Beards are much easier to draw in real life.

Milk Thirty

You don't think cows notice that it's an hour earlier or later every time?-

Online customer service

-"Hang on a moment while I google that for you."

Better Late Than Ever

Halloween should be observed on the last Saturday of October.-

Yes, Dear

*throws remote into the sun*-

First day of work

-I can name what instrument they all play, too. We have too many bosses.


"Friday" means "fuck off, kid, I'm not telling you all my secrets."

Meatstores, Inc.

They sell meat in stores.-

Strict TSA

-"This trashcan will do."

Service With a Creepy Smile

True story, but it was Penske.-

Horse Fart Trauma

It was long and wet and made me jealous.-


Whoops, poops!-

Hashtag Die

Damn, his boss is a #dick.-

Problem Solving 2: Solve This

*glug glug glug glug glug glug glug* Now, where were we?-


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