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Reason for the seasons

Florida is the monogamy of temperature.


That’ll show ‘em.

I don't know, maybe don't tell her all that next time.-

Why would you ever need to spell that?

-Drape is never funny.


-Basically, if you don't love The Big Lebowski, we're not really friends.

Cats are weird.

-Smother it before it wakes up.

The honeymoon phase is over

-Step away from the kitten ...

Whoever keeps saying this: please stop.

-The return of death by scissors.

In which a room needs cleaning.

-No one notices when you clean unless you allow it to get dirty enough first.

It’s really consumed my days

-I blame tacos. Wait, blame is the wrong word. I thank tacos.

Spoiler: they don’t live in Florida

-I bet you thought this was going to be about a cat ...

Draw what you know

-I think that's what cats look like.

I don’t trust them


-Just sitting there ... spinning.


I'm on 18, and I'm feeling pretty great. Let me know when the bathroom's available, though.-

“Prison” is a funny looking word when you type it over and over

-You know, the way you phrased all that makes me feel like you were making my argument for me.

I’m not a jerk, I just own a dictionary

-Just call it what it is. This costs $5. I’m not donating anything, I’m paying you. Liar.

Wahhhhmuel L. Jackson

Yeah, look at that fucking car. You like that, don't you? Yeah, you like that.-

Doing Something

-$37 well spent.

Everything is not a feminist issue

-If this is the only thing you know, I feel awful for all the things you actually do know.

I don’t care

I'm sooooooooo sorry your case got to you before your guitar. Do you want to hug it out? Need some tea? Chamomille? Need some ice for your vagina?


Time to buy some matches


Showers are magic

-"OK, now get out of my house." - "UUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGHHH."

White Christmas

Don't be a dick this holiday, hope for a regular colored Christmas.


How the breakfast place was won

They both are equally effective, but only one can be funny.


Real Feel

-"Hm. Looks like rain." - Chance of rain: 100%.

Shower cycles

Why don't I just put product in my hair? I have standards, people. Get on board.-

Ghost-writer – a guest comic by guy 2: Word of the year

-Shart was runner up. I mean like a really close runner up. Any more pressure it would've been shart. He almost sharted.

Thanks to Jon Shiver for the idea of this “guest” comic. His refusal to put it to paper and insistence that I take his ideas led us to the first ever ghost-writer comic. Enjoy, and send your ideas/guest comics to

First day of work

-I can name what instrument they all play, too. We have too many bosses.

Don’t be a gay (guest comic five)

-My pa' says common courtesy's fer queers!

Thanks to Reymun Jarvis aka Worsethen Jarbage at Beat the Whales Productions for this submission.

Email your guest comics to!


-Novocaine gives our characters faces. It's a messy drug.

The many counties of Orange

-A, don't respond to "where are you from" with the name of the county you live in. B, fuck off.

President Bad Mother Fucker

-Just to be clear, this is a joke about his big dick, not about him being a war monger or something.


-All those characters who are killed off must be so pumped to not live in that boring-ass story anymore.

Awesome Van for Awesome Man

That Van Club is real. It's on par with the "Black Dudes with Dreds" club and "Pregnant Bitches United."


Luckiest dogs ever

-And this one I actually carried on my back out of a burning house that his previous owners were killed in. His name is Greg.


-*like* - "Ok guys we're one away again!" *unlike* - "Awwwwwww ..."


-Being able to buy beer really changes your perspective on life.

Any title would be a spoiler (Guest comic four)


Submit your guest comic at

Guitar is hard

-Should've brought more than one.

I can’t stress this enough

-If you drink anything but "espresso" or "americano," stop saying you like coffee.

More is more

I'll add a cup of salt, too. Just for good measure.


Plagiarism Week II – Wondermark!

Probably some other animal did the devouring, then? Probably.-


-You know, I'll name you Jon, and you Don, just to keep it real simple.

Only one of these is right

-Yea but 1 and 11 looks so bad ass, though.

Coffee is Medicine. And Soup.

Caffeine crash+ Head Cold= Every fix scene from Trainspotting combined-

I make this face every time

-Those "Free ride in a sheriff's car" signs are the end of me.

The double flush

-The surefire way to tell that you need to set fire to your house.

Hobo problems (guest comic #3)

Thanks to Mike Willcox for this awesome submission!

Unfortunately, comics about bums can't afford mouse overs.

Email your comics to to be one of our guest comics!

A shitty drawing for a shitty product.

-Invest in good wipers.

Stealing Wifi

This comic was written and uploaded from a hotel parking lot down the street from my house. DAMN THE MAN!-

Calling Mike (Guest Comic #2)

iPhones go *boop boop* Mike just says "Click" to make you think he hung up and waits to see if you'll call him an asshole. Oh and by the way that was Jabba the Hut, asshole.

Please send YOUR guest comic submissions to



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